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In general, jobs in Final Fantasy Mobius are divided into three types - Mage, Ranger and Warrior. Jobs gain a bonus to the strength of abilities of the same type as the job itself is. In addition, each individual job can use three of the available elements as well as support. For these reasons, be sure to pick jobs for your deck that you can pick appropriate abilities for as soon as you have the option - Mage abilities of Fire, Water and Earth elements for a White Mage, for example. While they can be equipped, any Ranger or Warrior type ability on a Mage job would be exceedingly weak, and the same goes for Mage and Ranger abilities on Warrior jobs, and Warrior and Mage abilities on a Ranger job. While it can be tempting to start using a new job you just received, be sure to first check you have appropriate abilities for it before heading to difficult battles.

You gain three job cards by default in the tutorial, one of each type. Other job cards can be obtained through the gacha. If you pull from the 300 magicite gacha for one card, you have a low chance of obtaining a job card. However, if you pull from the 3,000 magicite gacha for 6 cards, one of them is guaranteed to be a job card.
It is recommended you save up for the 6-pull gacha at least until you have one gacha job of each type or each element combination, or however you prefer to divide the four decks available to you. Gacha jobs are much stronger than the default jobs.

The level of your job is determined by the combined level of the abilities you have equipped. It can be somewhat risky to start using a new ability unless you use fusion on it first to let it gain some levels.
Be sure to note that the ability set in the first ability slot gains more experience than the others. Switch the ability in that slot from time to time to level up your abilities faster and thus let the job itself become stronger.

Class Change
It is possible to gain Class Change job cards from the gacha. These are special job cards that have a 'Skill Panel 2nd' available in addition to the default 'Skill Panel 1st' that is available by default. Note that if you already have the basic level of a job card, it simply gets upgraded to a Class Change job card after you gain one, your progress in the skill panels isn't reset for it.

Skill Panels
In addition to gaining levels, a job can become stronger by buying its skills from the skill panels with seeds. Each job card has four skill panels belonging to Skill Panel 1st by default, and each of the skill panels is unlocked after buying all the skills from the previous skill panel. Skill Panel 2nd is only available to Class Changed job cards, and you can start progress in its first panel even if you haven't completed all of Skill Panel 1st yet.
Skills in the panels can include such things as straight up Attack Power boosts, increased resistance to elements, stronger weapons, and even advanced jobs. Note that an advanced job unlocked through a skill panel is never as good (and not the same thing) as that same job as the basic job of another job card. Please note the difference.

Job List

Mage Types

Introduction coming soon

Card: Apprentice Mage
Advanced: Mage, White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Scholar, ???

Card: Mage
Advanced: Grand Mage
Superior: Warlock

Card: White Mage
Advanced: White Master
Superior: White Wizard

Card: Black Mage
Advanced: Arch Mage
Superior: Magic Master

Card: Red Mage
Advanced: Sorcerer
Superior: Crimson Sword

Card: Scholar
Advanced: Professor
Superior: Academic

Ranger Types

Introduction coming soon

Card: Novice Ranger
Advanced: Ranger, Hunter, Thief, Assassin, Dancer, ???

Card: Ranger
Advanced: Explorer
Superior: Risktaker

Card: Hunter
Advanced: Survivor
Superior: Orion

Card: Thief
Advanced: Bandit
Superior: Trickster

Card: Assassin
Advanced: Slayer
Superior: Saint Reaper

Card: Dancer
Advanced: Etoile
Superior: Carneval

Warrior Types

Introduction coming soon

Card: Onion Knight
Advanced: Warrior, Knight, Dark Knight, Samurai, Dragoon, ???

Card: Warrior
Advanced: Gladiator
Superior: Swordmaster

Card: Knight
Advanced: Royal Guard
Superior: Imperial Knight

Card: Dark Knight
Advanced: Dark General
Superior: Shadow Emperor

Card: Samurai
Advanced: Onimusha
Superior: Great Shogun

Card: Dragoon
Advanced: Dragon Lord
Superior: High Dragooner

Card: Ace Striker

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