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In All the Bravest the classic Final Fantasy jobs function as characters unto themselves. They are the only characters you can play if you don't want to get any DLC. You gain new jobs every few levels. Note that you must fight the next battle after gaining your level to receive the new job, until that it will remain greyed out.
This page lists the details of the available jobs. There are a total of 25 of them.

In addition to the basic jobs, there are several premium characters that behave like jobs - a single party can have more than one of them. These have been listed here as well.

Normal Jobs


Number: 23, Game: FF3
Ability: Requiem
Equips: Harps, Bells
Unlock: level ~60
Description: Listen carefully to the lyrics. Despite their lovely voices, bards often sing quite hateful things.


Number: 22, Game: FF5
Ability: Bomb
Equips: Whips
Unlock: level 24
Description: What surer path to victory than to send a bomb to go blow itself up in teh vicinity of an enemy?


Number: 16, Game: FF5
Ability: Rage
Equips: Axes
Unlock: level 45
Description: Oddly, this maniacal axe-wielding force of nature enjoys cosplaying as a wolf.

Black Mage

Number: 08, Game: FF5
Ability: Thundaga
Equips: Rods
Unlock: level 5
Description: Black magic is destructive power in its purest form. Some mages just want to watch the world burn.

Blue Mage

Number: 12, Game: FF5
Ability: Missile
Equips: Swords
Unlock: level 14
Description: Casting Bad Breath causes prolonged nausea, but such is the blue mage's dedication.


Number: 24, Game: FF5
Ability: Blade Dance
Equips: Daggers
Unlock: level early 60s
Description: These wild and free souls are ever seeking limber partners with whom to dance and gyrate.


Number: 07, Game: FF3
Ability: Holy
Equips: Staves
Unlock: level 50
Description: Only those most learned in the ways of white magic dare don the cat-eared robe.


Number: 20, Game: FF3
Ability: Jump
Equips: Spears
Unlock: level 33
Description: Many feel that these knights posing as dragons should simply be dubbed lunatics.


Number: 14, Game: FF5
Ability: Branch Spear
Equips: Harps, Bells
Unlock: level 17
Description: The geomancer can summon the powers of nature, but not always control them.


Number: 02, Game: FF1
Ability: Critical
Equips: Greatswords
Unlock: level 12
Description: The massive sword of this seasoned warrior proves that size does indeed matter.


Number: 09, Game: FF3
Ability: Flare
Equips: Rods
Unlock: level 53
Description: These mages reveal as little of themselves as possible to maintain their dark, brooding image.


Number: 04, Game: FF1
Ability: Iron Fist
Equips: Claws
Unlock: level 8
Description: These ascetic pugilists seek no more in life than to pound their enemies to bloody pulps.

Mystic Knight

Number: 03, Game: FF5
Ability: Firaga Sword
Equips: Greatswords
Unlock: level 20
Description: A cape, turban, and spell-imbued blade are the telltale signs of this swordmage.


Number: 19, Game: FF1
Ability: Shuriken
Equips: Katana
Unlock: level 30
Description: These masters of stealth and shadow tend to throw pointy things whenever fighting starts.

Onion Knight

Number: 25, Game: FF3
Ability: Attack
Equips: Swords
Unlock: level mid 60s
Description: This legendary amateur knight certainly looks the part, but lacks the skills.


Number:* 21, **Game: FF3
Ability: Sharpshot
Equips: Bows
Unlock: level 0
Description: Sadly, this lone hunter and bowman has many animal companions, but very few actual friends.

Red Mage

Number: 11, Game: 5
Ability: Dualcast
Equips: Swords
Unlock: level 36
Description: When red mages chainspell opposing elements, enemies have a tough time staying alive.


Number: 10, Game: FF3
Ability: Meteor
Equips: Staves
Unlock: level 56
Description: Even these grandmasters of all magic are spent after casting their beloved Meteor spell.


Number: 18, Game: FF5
Ability: Iainuki
Equips: Katana
Unlock: level 28
Description: Though very proud of their tradition, samurai nowadays tend to drop the thees and thous.


Number: 15, Game: FF5
Ability: Megaflare
Equips: Rods
Unlock: level late 60s
Description: Bonding with otherworldly creatures requires both ample magic and an open heart.


Number: 05, Game: FF1
Ability: Back Attack
Equips: Daggers
Unlock: level 10
Description: Great speed is good not only for dispatching foes, but also for stealing the hearts of the ladies.

Time Mage

Number: 13, Game: FF5
Ability: Comet
Equips: Rods
Unlock: level 40
Description: These mages manipulate the flow of time to maintain their youthful good looks and exuberance.


Number: 17, Game: FF3
Ability: Thwack
Equips: Axes
Unlock: level 47
Description: Vikings who happen to find themselves in the Underworld are oft mistaken for dwarves.


Number: 01, Game: FF1
Ability: Attack
Equips: Swords
Unlock: default job
Description: This novice swordsman, for whom all roads lead to war, is a fighter, not a lover.

White Mage

Number: 06, Game: FF5
Ability: Diaja
Equips: Staves
Unlock: level 3
Description: Weary of healing, this champion of divinity has forsaken cures, and here knows only to strike.



Number: P31, Game: ?
Equips: Claws


Number: P34, Game: FF6
Ability: Whirlpool Strike
Equips: Spears
Description: Admirers of these slimy green monsters have even created robots modeled in their image.


Number: P32, Game: ?
Equips: Harps, Bells


Number: P33, Game: FF4
Ability: Flirt
Equips: Harps, Bells
Description: This is a man ensorcelled into a pig. But not in an altogether bad way, actually.

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