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This page introduces the job system in Final Fantasy X-2. In this game, each job is in fact a Dressphere, which must be placed on a Garment Grid to use in battle. You can freely switch between your equipped dresspheres in battle, meaning you are limited in the number of possible jobs you can use in that battle by the number of free sphere slots on the garment grid. As such, garment grids are essential to the proper usage of dresspheres.

Dressphere Basics

You start out with three spheres, but each of the other ones must be unlocked somehow. There are quite strict requirements for obtaining the dresspheres (as well as the garment grids), so if you wish to obtain everything in the least amount of playthroughs, you should make careful note of when and where to find everything, before you start the game.

Each job has various different abilities to learn. The common way to learn abilities is by earning AP. You gain AP for your active dressphere each time you take an action in battle or an enemy is defeated. Note that the AP only goes to your active dressphere, not the other ones or your garment grid, and definitely not ones you don't even have on the grid. Note that you must set an ability to learn before you can gain AP for it. This is done outside of battle through the main menu.
Some jobs have abilities that cannot be learned through AP, but can only be obtained through other means such as using an item or defeating an enemy that has hit you with a certain attack.


Below you can find a list of all dresspheres in the game, listed by the first chapter it is possible to obtain them. Note that some may also be obtainable in later chapters, but not necessarily. If you are looking for a list of garment grids, see here.



Chapter 1

Black Mage
Gun Mage
White Mage
Full Throttle

Chapter 2

Dark Knight
Machina Maw
Floral Fallal

Chapter 3

Lady Luck

Chapter 5


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