Jobs in Explorers

The job system in Final Fantasy Explorers is a fairly traditional one. You can change jobs at any time while in Libertas (although not on the field). Each job has their own stats, and comes with some basic traits and abilities in addition to those that can be taught to them.

Note that when you change jobs manually you'll be fully unequipped. To get around this, you can save presets - custom sets of job, abilities and equipment. Selecting a preset to change into can make changing jobs into a matter of a single click, whereas when changing normally through the job menu you'll need to set equips and abilities separately.

Below is a table with all the jobs present and how to unlock them. Please see the jobs' pages for more details on them.

Job Unlocking
Freelancer (default)
White Mage
Black Mage
Ability Mutation Exam
Time Mage
Aptitude Exam: Thief and Time Mage
Aptitude Exam: Geomancer and Alchemist
Aptitude Exam: Ninja and Bard
Aptitude Exam: Dragoon and Sage
Machinist Gain 150,000 CP
Dark Knight Defeat 500 enemies
Red Mage Buy the abilities Curaga, Firaga and Graviga
Paladin Reach 15% or higher equipment completion
Beastmaster Create 20 or more monsters
Blue Mage EN: Defeat 750 enemies
JP: Aptitude Exam: Blue Mage (DLC)
Samurai EN: Create 150 different equips
JP: Aptitude Exam: Samurai (DLC)

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