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In Dimensions the job system is very similar to Final Fantasy V. Main playable characters can be freely changed between the jobs once they've been unlocked, and each job has several levels that can be gained via AP. Once learned, the abilities gained through these job levels can be set on other jobs as well. In addition, each job is maxed out at level 3 to start with, but their level can be raised through JP gained from advancing the story.

Of the basic jobs listed below Jobless is available from the beginning and the rest of from the start of Chapter 1, while each of the other jobs must be unlocked through their own story chapter. Note that the Warriors of Light cannot use the jobs listed under Warriors of Darkness and vice versa.

Basic Jobs


Jobless is also known as Freelancer in some other games. A Jobless Warrior will have only their default abilities (vary by character) or any they have learnt through other jobs. The Jobless job doesn't have any native abilities, and their stat gains are very low. However, they can equip any armor and weapon in the game.

Black Mage
Black Mage is the basic magical damage-dealing job. They can use Black Magic spells and have traits that raise their intelligence and magical attack power. They are also quite frail and can only wear robes as armor.

A Monk is a front-line damage dealer who wields claws and knuckles. They have high HP, but their defenses can be quite low and they can only wear light armor. Their ability group is Martial Arts, which include abilities that deal light damage to many enemies or high damage to one.

Red Mage
Red Mage is a jack of all trades, capable of wielding both swords and staves and of casting both Black and White Magic. They work well on both front- and backlines, depending on the supporting abilities you decide to give them.

Summoner is a mage job that calls forth Eidolons from the aether and has them use their powers instead of the summoner doing the job themselves. Each Eidolon has a special attack, and depending on their affinity can either hurt or heal. Summoners themselves are a backline job, complete with the frailty of mages and the inability to wear any armor but robes.

A Thief is a supporting player that provides that party with items and gil to use and various utilities such as fleeing from battle. Other than that, they can deal some damage as well, although do not excel at it. Thieves wear mainly daggers or bows and light armor.

Warrior is one of the basic jobs in Final Fantasies, and Dimensions is no exception. They have the ability group Battle Arts that concentrate on dealing damage as well as other abilities that concentrate on the protection of fellow Warriors. They can wear heavy armor and swords.

White Mage
White Mage is the basic healing mage job. They use White Magic and have abilities that raise the amount of HP they heal and their ability to protect others. Their equips of choice are staves, whips and robes.

Warriors of Light Jobs


Warriors of Darkness Jobs

Dark Knight

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