Game Hunter

Game Hunter (モブハンター [mob hunter] in Japanese) is a one-off job from FF Tactics. It is available to Luso Clemens, a young boy who hunts rare monsters.

Final Fantasy Tactics

A hunter who trails rare monsters, employing Huntcraft skills to overcome them.

This job replaces the Squire job for Luso Clemens.

Unlock: (default)
Unlocks: -
Command Ability: Huntcraft
Innate Abilities: Poach
JP to Master: 2,570 JP


Stat Modifications
HP C+, MP B-
Phys Atk C+, Mag Atk C-
Phys EVA 10%, Mag EVA 0%
Move 4, Jump 3

Growth Rate Stats
HP ★★★, MP ★★★★
Phys Atk ★★★, Mag Atk ★★
SPD ★★


Focus (300 JP)
Rush (80 JP)
Stone (90 JP)
Salve (150 JP)
Tailwind (200 JP)
Chant (default)
Steel (200 JP, ch2+)
Shout (500 JP, ch4 only)
Ultima (learn by being hit)

Reaction Abilities
Counter Tackle (180 JP)

Support Abilities
Equip Axes (170 JP)
Beastmaster (200 JP)
Defend (50 JP)
JP Boost (250 JP)

Movement Abilities
Move +1 (200 JP)


Weapons: Knives, Swords, Knight Swords, Flails
Shield: Shields
Head: Hats, Helms
Body: Clothes, Armor, Robes

Category: Jobs

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