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Gambler (ギャンブラー [gambler] in Japanese) is something of a neglected job in Final Fantasies. It is only present in a game with a job system in social games and FF10-2, where it was translated as 'Lady Luck'.
The most common characteristic of the Gambler job is the Slots command, although it is often combined with other luck-based traits. Similar jobs to the Gambler are Party Host as well as Corsair and Oracle due to the random nature of their abilities. Character examples are Setzer Gabbiani in FF6 and Cait Sith in FF7, as well as to some degree (presence of Slots) Selphie Tilmitt in FF8 and Wakka in FF10.

Final Fantasy X-2

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Job Skill: Slots, Type: Normal, Number: 166 (male) / 167 (female)
Gacha: mine with gil, mine with moogle
Pictlogica Reward: 300 gil (male) / 15 white element (female)

Grade III: from Cannoneer grade II (Soul of a Brave Man, Magicite Fragment, Green Drop)

Grade III HP 103, STR 33, INT 6, SPD 3, LCK 69
Physical Affinity: x1.0, Ranged Affinity: x1.0
White Magic Affinity: x0.7, Black Magic Affinity: x0.7, Summon Affinity: x1.6/x2.3/x3.2

Weapon: Cards
White Magic: -, Black Magic: -, Summon: -

Category: Jobs

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