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Starting Out

As of version 2.0, you can't start out as a Fisher, you must instead unlock the armoury system and then head to Limsa Lominsa for the first quest.
Below are what you got in your inventory if you created your character as a Fisher in version 1.x. The other items and your stats depended on what race and gender you picked.

1.x Starting Equipment
Weapon: Weathered Fishing Rod
Head: Weathered Beach Hat
Belt: Weathered Field Belt
Legs: Weathered Kecks (Grey)
Feet: Weathered Workboots (Grey)



These are Fisher's class quests. They can be undertaken when you reach certain levels on your class.

Level 2.0+ Quest 1.x Quest
Level 0 Way of the Fisher
Level 1 My First Fishing Rod
Level 5 Bigger Fish to Fry
Level 10 The Princess and the Fish
Level 15 Every Fish Has a Silver Lining
Level 20 A Fish in Hot Water To Fight a Fishback
Level 25 A Game of Cat and Fish
Level 30 Like Fish Passing in the Night The Beast of the Barrel
Level 35 A Fish Out of Water
Level 36 Polishing the Mast
Level 40 Fishing in the Rain
Level 45 I Believe Fish Can Fly
Level 50 So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
Plenty More Fish in the Sea
Level 53 The Icepick Challenge
Level 55 Invasion of the Supper Snatchers
Level 57 One Man's Fish is Another Man's Poison
Level 60 Carpe Diem


This section lists levequests specific to Fisher. While levequests are by no means mandatory, they can greatly ease the leveling process.

1.x Leves
Level 1 - Help with the Herring (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 1 - Salmon for the Masses (Gridania)
Level 1 - Nutritious Fishes (Ul'dah)
Level 1 - Fishing Bearded Rock (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 1 - Vim and Vigor (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 1 - Fishing Bentbranch (Gridania)
Level 1 - Searching for Crayfish (Gridania)
Level 1 - Fishing Black Brush (Ul'dah)
Level 1 - Curing Greyscale (Ul'dah)
Level 10 - Fishing Skull Valley (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 10 - Blowfish for the Blowhards (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 10 - Fishing Emerald Moss (Gridania)
Level 10 - Fighting for Fish (Gridania)
Level 10 - Fishing Drybone (Ul'dah)
Level 10 - Curing the Flux (Ul'dah)
Level 20 - Fishing Bloodshore (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 20 - Dream a Little Bream (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 20 - Fishing Tranquil Paths (Gridania)
Level 20 - Only the Monke Onke (Gridania)
Level 20 - Fish Out of Water (Ul'dah)
Level 20 - Fulgurating Fishes (Ul'dah)
Level 30 - Fishing Cedarwood (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 30 - Pulmia's First Course (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 30 - Preserving Humblehearth (Gridania)
Level 30 - Salmon Superior (Gridania)
Level 30 - Fishing Nophica's Wells (Ul'dah)
Level 30 - Piscean Poison (Ul'dah)
Level 40 - Swimming in the Iron (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 40 - Soup for the Troops (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 40 - Fishing Nine Ivies (Gridania)
Level 40 - To Fry a Pike (Gridania)
Level 40 - Fishing Halatali (Ul'dah)
Level 40 - Curing Gout (Ul'dah)



This section lists the various abilities you can learn as a botanist.

Level 2.0+ Abilities 1.20-1.23c Abilities 1.0-1.19 Abilities
Level 1 Bait
Cast Light
Stone Throw
Fingerprints of the Gods
Clever Arc
Master of Fish
Truth of Seas
Thaliak's Ward
Deft Grasp
Level 2 Wrist Flick
Level 3 Dowse Dowse
Tidal Faith
Llymlaen's Ward
Level 5 Nature's Bounty
Level 8 Stealth Gulleye II
Gulleye II
Level 10 Dowse II
Wrist Flick
Veteran Trade
Dowse II
Veteran Trade
Level 15 Nature's Bounty Way of Plenty
Level 18 Gulleye III
Stealth II
Gulleye III
Stealth II
Level 20 Dowse III
Dowse IV
Deft Grasp
Llymlaen's Ward
Thaliak's Ward
Tidal Faith
Dowse III
Wavekin Eluder
Level 22 Release
Level 25 Mooch Way of Plenty
Level 28 Gulleye IV
Stealth III
Gulleye IV
Stealth III
Level 30 Dowse V
Clever Arc
Truth of Seas
Dowse IV
Level 36 Snagging Master of Fish
Level 38 Gulleye V
Stealth IV
Gulleye V
Stealth IV
Level 40 Dowse V
Level 48 Gulleye VI
Level 50 Collect Dowse VI
Level 51 Patience
Powerful Hookset
Level 54 Chum
Level 56 Precision Hookset
Level 57 Fish Eyes
Level 60 Patience II


In this section you can find the various traits a Fisher can learn. Note that Disciples of the Land only gained traits with version 2.0, none existed prior to that.

Level 2.0+ Traits
Level 15 Gulleye
Level 18 Enhanced Stealth
Level 28 Enhanced Stealth II
Level 35 Dunefishing
Gulleye II
Level 38 Enhanced Stealth III
Level 40 Double Mooching
Level 45 Skyfishing
Level 50 Gulleye III
Enhanced Stealth IV
Level 53 Cloudfishing
Enhanced Stealth V
Level 55 Gulleye IV
Level 56 Enhanced Stealth VI
Level 58 Aetherfishing
Level 60 Gulleye V

Fishing Holes

Gathering items as a Fisher happens whereever there is water or other appropriate substance with fish present in it. Each location has several different items it is possible to gather from it. As you gain levels for Fisher, your Fishing Log is filled with general details of what is possible to fish up in each location, and as you manage to catch a certain type of item more details are recorded, although it fails to record what conditions (bait, weather, etc) are required for catching them. Note that to fish at certain locations you may need the appropriate trait even if your level would allow you to otherwise fish there, such as Dunefishing to fish in quicksand or Hellfishing to fish in magma.
In version 1.x there was no Log available, you simply had to remember where to go to gather the items you needed.

See details of the fishing holes here.

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