Evoker (幻術師 [genjutsushi] or 'illusionist' in Japanese) is a related job to Summoner. The job is otherwise similar, but cannot control well the Eidolons it calls forth. Another job sharing a name almost identical in Japanese is the Illusionist/Conjurer job (they have a different translation by the game they appear in).
Evoker's only major appearance is in Final Fantasy III, and as such there are no character examples.

Final Fantasy III

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Job Skill: Astral Flow, Type: Normal, Number: 033 (male) / 034 (female)
Gacha: mine with gil, mine with moogle
Pictlogica Reward: 300 gil (male) / 15 white element (female)

Grade II: from Evoker grade I (Soul of a Brave Man, Purple Drop x2)
Grade III: from Evoker grade II (Soul of a Brave Man, Magicite Fragment, Purple Drop)
Fuses into: Summoner from grade I

Grade I: HP 12-30, STR 3-7, INT 10-19, SPD 7-8, LCK 4-5
Grade II: HP 24-62, STR 5-15, INT 15-34, SPD 6-8, LCK 4-8
Grade III HP 49-107, STR 12-27, INT 27-58, SPD 7-11, LCK 6-12
Physical Affinity: x1.0, Ranged Affinity: x1.0
White Magic Affinity: x1.0, Black Magic Affinity: x1.0, Summon Affinity: x1.6/x2.3/x3.2

Weapon: Rod
White Magic: -, Black Magic: -, Summon: ◆◆◆


Below are the appearances of the Evoker job in the FF-TCG series. They have appeared under the Fire, Wind, Water and Earth elements.

tcg_1007.jpg tcg_1057.jpg tcg_1088.jpg tcg_1131.jpg
1-007C Evoker 1-057C Evoker 1-088C Evoker 1-131C Evoker
tcg_5011.jpg tcg_5056.jpg tcg_5082.jpg tcg_5132.jpg
5-011C Evoker 5-056C Evoker 5-082C Evoker 5-132C Evoker
tcg_9011.jpg tcg_9059.jpg tcg_9087.jpg tcg_9138.jpg
9-011C Evoker 9-059C Evoker 9-087C Evoker 9-138C Evoker

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