Dragonkin (ドラグナー [draguner] in Japanese) is a one-off job from FF Tactics. It is used by Reis Duelar, a woman who was cursed into the form of a dragon. This job becomes available to her after the curse is broken, and she still has her affinity with dragons.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Human in appearance, but descended of dragons. The blood of the Holy Dragon flows in her veins.

This job replaces the Squire job for Reis Duelar after she regains her human form during the Nelveska Temple events.

Unlock: (default)
Unlocks: -
Command Ability: Dragon
Innate Abilities: Beastmaster, Tame, Dual Wield
JP to Master: 3,350 JP


Stat Modifications
HP B+, MP B+
Phys Atk B-, Mag Atk C
Phys EVA 7%, Mag EVA 0%
Move 3, Jump 3

Growth Rate Stats
HP ★★★★★, MP ★★★★
Phys Atk ★★★★★, Mag Atk ★★★★★
SPD ★★


Ice Breath (default)
Fire Breath (default)
Thunder Breath (default)
Dragon's Charm (300 JP)
Dragon's Gift (300 JP)
Dragon's Might (400 JP)
Dragon's Speed (400 JP)
Holy Breath (900 JP)

Reaction Abilities
Counter Tackle (180 JP)

Support Abilities
Equip Axes (170 JP)
Beastmaster (200 JP)
Defend (50 JP)
JP Boost (250 JP)

Movement Abilities
Move +1 (200 JP)


Weapons: Bags
Shield: -
Head: Hair adornments
Body: Minerva Bustier
Accessories: Rings, Armlets, Vanity items

Category: Jobs

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