Divine Knight

Divine Knight (ディバインナイト [divine knight] in Japanese) is a one-off job from FF Tactics. It is the job of the knight defenders of the church. A character example is Meliadoul Tengille.

Final Fantasy Tactics

A Knight versed in both scripture and sword, sworn to the service of the Gods.

This job replaces the Squire job for Meliadoul Tengille.

Unlock: (default)
Unlocks: -
Command Ability: Unyielding Blade
Innate Abilities: -
JP to Master: 2,950


Stat Modifications
HP C+, MP C-
Phys Atk B-, Mag Atk C-
Phys EVA 10%, Mag EVA 0%
Move 4, Jump 3

Stat Growth Rates
HP ★★★★, MP ★★
Phys Atk ★★★★★, Mag Atk ★


Unyielding Blade
Crush Armor (200 JP)
Crush Helm (400 JP)
Crush Weapon (500 JP)
Crush Accessory (800 JP)

Reaction Abilities
Counter Tackle (180 JP)

Support Abilities
Equip Axes (170 JP)
Beastmaster (200 JP)
Defend (50 JP)
Boost (250 JP)

Movement Abilities
Move +1 (200 JP)


Weapons: Swords, Knight Swords, Crossbows, Polearms
Shield: Shields
Head: Helms
Body: Clothes, Armor, Robes


The Divine Knight job was also used by two other characters - Folmarv Tengille and Loffrey Wodring. These two are both enemy units and can't be controlled by the player. Mostly the details are the same as Meliadoul's version of the job. However, there are a few differences that have been listed below.

Differences (Folmarv)
Phys EVA 25%
Weapons: Swords, Knight Swords

Differences (Loffrey)
Phys EVA 21%
Abilities: Crush Armor, Crush Helm, Crush Accessory
Weapons: Swords, Knight Swords

Category: Jobs

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