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Devout (導師 [doushi] in Japanese. It means 'officiating monk', and is used in a religious context usually), or Seer as it's sometimes known, is an advanced form of White Mage, sometimes capable of heavy offence as well as healing. The job made its debut early on in FF3, although did not appear for a few decades afterwards. It was only revived for the 21st century new FF games. It is instantly recognizable by the white cat-eared cape and knee-high (usually bright red) boots.

Final Fantasy III

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Grimoire of the Rift

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Airborne Brigade

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Job Skill: Holy, Type: Normal, Number: 021 (male) / 022 (female)
Gacha: mine with gil, mine with moogle
Pictlogica Reward: 300 gil (male) / 15 white element (female)

Grade II: from White Mage grade I (Soul of a Brave Man, White Drop x2)
Grade III: from Devout grade II (Soul of a Brave Man, Magicite Fragment, White Drop)

Grade I: HP 20-?, STR 7-?, INT 10-?, SPD 8-?, LCK 8-?
Grade II: HP 39-100, STR 9-19, INT 14-33, SPD 8-11, LCK 8-14
Grade III HP 173, STR 32, INT 57, SPD 14, LCK 20
Physical Affinity: x0.7, Ranged Affinity: x1.0
White Magic Affinity: x1.7, Black Magic Affinity: x1.0, Summon Affinity: x1.0

Weapon: Staff
White Magic: ◆◆◆, Black Magic: -, Summon: -

In Record Keeper


Job: Devout
Obtain: clear Fifth Ark 3
Obtain Memory Crystal: clear Istory Falls (Elite)
Obtain Memory Crystal II: -

Stat Level 1 Level 50 Level 65 Level 80
HP 111 2,368 3,059
ATK 5 44 55
DEF 5 40 53
MAG 8 79 100
MDEF 9 97 120
MND 9 101 125
ACC 20 22 23
EVA 20 22 23
SPD 63 83 90


White Magic (Rarity 5)

Limit Break
Level 1 - Medical Treatment

Native Record Materia
Limit Break - Wish of Healing
Level 2 - Wish of Healing II


Daggers, Rods, Staves

Robes, Armlets

Can equip


Devouts have several appearances in the FF-TCG series under the Ice, Wind and Water elements.

tcg_1043.jpg tcg_2041.jpg tcg_9045.jpg tcg_9147.jpg
1-043C Devout 2-041C Devout 9-045C Devout 9-147C Devout

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