Dark Knight (FF14)


Dark Knight can be unlocked upon reaching the city of Ishgard. As such, it requires the Heavensward expansion, and some other class/job to level 50.

Note that Dark Knight is an advanced job, and starts at level 30. It also doesn't have a basic class, but starts directly from the job.

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These are Dark Knight's job quests. They can be undertaken when you reach certain levels on your DRK, and the first of them unlocks the job itself.

Level 2.0+ Quest
(other job)
Our End
30 Ishgardian Justice
35 The Voice in the Abyss
40 Heroic Reprise
45 Declaration of Blood
50 Our Answer
The Wages of Mercy
52 The Knight and the Maiden Fair
54 Kindred Spirits
56 Original Sins
58 The Flame in the Abyss
60 Absolution


Job Abilities

This section lists the abilities and weaponskills you can only learn and use as a Dark Knight. Note that learning some of these isn't automatic, as they come from quests that are unlocked at the level mentioned for the ability.

Level 2.0+ Ability
1 Hard Slash
2 Shadowskin
4 Spinning Slash
6 Scourge
8 Unleash
10 Low Blow
12 Syphon Strike
15 Unmend
18 Blood Weapon
22 Reprisal
26 Power Slash
30 Darkside
34 Dark Dance
35 Blood Price
38 Souleater
40 Dark Passenger
42 Dark Mind
45 Dark Arts
46 Shadow Wall
50 Delirium
Living Dead
52 Salted Earth
54 Plunge
56 Abyssal Drain
58 Sole Survivor
60 Carve and Spit

Dark Knight can also use the following Limit Break abilities.

Type Ability
Limit Break Lv 1 Shield Wall
Limit Break Lv 2 Mighty Guard
Limit Break Lv 3 Dark Force
Adrenaline Rush Aegis Boon

In addition to the above, Dark Knight can use the following PVP abilities.

PVP Abilities
Carnal Chill
Full Swing
Push Back
Tar Pit
Weapon Throw


This section lists what traits DRK gains at which levels.

Level 8 - Enhanced Vitality
Level 14 - Enhanced Shadowskin
Level 16 - Enhanced Vitality II
Level 20 - Clean Weapon
Level 24 - Enhanced Vitality III
Level 28 - Hasty Reprisal
Level 32 - Enhanced Scourge
Level 36 - Low Blows
Level 40 - Enhanced Unmend
Level 44 - Enhanced Dark Dance
Level 48 - Enhanced Soul Devourer

Dark Knight can also use the following PVP traits.

PVP Traits
Enhanced Carnal Chill
Enhanced Enliven
Enhanced Full Swing
Enhanced Purify
Enhanced Push Back
Enhanced Tar Pit
Enhanced Weapon Throw
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Vitality
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Intelligence
Enhanced Mind
Enhanced Piety

Secondary Abilities

Below you can find what other abilities Dark Knight can use.

PVP Abilities
Carnal Chill
Full Swing
Push Back
Tar Pit

Cross-class Abilities

The following is a list of the cross-class abilities Dark Knight can use.

Gladiator Marauder
Savage Blade
Skull Sunder
Mercy Stroke


The sections below deal in various equipment that can only be worn by Dark Knights.


There are no quested weapons for DRK at the moment.


Artifact Armor 2 (AF2) (Lv60/i210)
Chaos Burgeonet
Chaos Cuirass
Chaos Gauntlets
Chaos Flanchard
Chaos Sollerets

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