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Conjurer (幻術士 [genjutsushi] or 'illusion specialist' in Japanese) is a user of the powers running through earth who manipulates these energy streams to heal and to attack. The job has also been translated as Illusionist. The conjurers have a mixed look, but most often they wear long robes and pointed hats, along with either a leafy one-handed wand or a tall two-handed staff. Another job similar to the conjurer is the Elementalist, and the Japanese name of the Evoker job is almost the same as conjurer's.
Some examples of conjurers are E-Sumi-Yan and Brother Moris.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Conjurer (アデプト [adept] in Japanese) is a job found in the DLC Requiem of the Goddess, used exclusively by Lightning. As can be seen from the Japanese name, it is a different job from the others presented on this page, although shares its translated name with them.
Conjurer is Lightning's equivalent of Synergist. Note that her actual stats depend on her level, not her role, so they can be found on her own page.

Obtain: level 3
Role Bonus: ATB gauge speed -49%

Command Abilities
Level 0 - Mighty Guard
Level 5 - Aura

Final Fantasy XIV

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Trading Card Game

Conjurers don't actually have any appearances in the FF-TCG series, but their translation-counterpart Illusionist has appeared under the Fire element.

7-007C Illusionist

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