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Starting Out

As of version 2.0, you can't start out as a Botanist, you must instead unlock the armoury system and then head to Gridania for the first quest.
Below are what you got in your inventory if you created your character as a Botanist in version 1.x. The other items and your stats depended on what race and gender you picked.

1.x Starting Equipment
Weapon: Weathered Hatchet
Head: Weathered Sun Hat
Body: Weathered Jerkin (Brown)
Belt: Weathered Field Belt
Legs: Weathered Culottes (Grey)



These are Goldsmith's class quests. They can be undertaken when you reach certain levels on your class.

Level 2.0+ Quest 1.x Quest
Level 0 Way of the Botanist
Level 1 My First Hatchet
Level 5 Sap for Smiles
Level 10 Weapons of a Feather
Level 15 Haste Makes Waste
Level 20 Dressed to Harvest Gridanian Roots
Level 25 Aromatic Aspirations
Level 30 What Nature Giveth The Grass is Always Greener
Level 35 A Feast to Say the Least
Level 36 A Moogle Bouquet
Level 40 Crisis of Faith
Level 45 Botanist in a Bind
Level 50 Seeds of Hope
Call from the Clouds
Level 53 Onions of Life Bestowing
Level 55 Two Nations, One Seed
Level 57 Love for Harmony
Level 60 Seeds Know No Borders


This section lists levequests specific to Botanist. While levequests are by no means mandatory, they can greatly ease the leveling process.

1.x Leves
Level 1 - A Taste of Honey (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 1 - Honey Tea for Two (Gridania)
Level 1 - Hunting for Hives (Ul'dah)
Level 1 - Logging Bearded Rock (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 1 - Teak for Two (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 1 - Logging Bentbranch (Gridania)
Level 1 - Elm Waterwheels (Gridania)
Level 1 - Logging Black Brush (Ul'dah)
Level 1 - Willow Pillars (Ul'dah)
Level 10 - Logging Skull Valley (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 10 - Oak on a Boat (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 10 - Logging Emerald Moss (Gridania)
Level 10 - Walnut Waterwheels (Gridania)
Level 10 - Logging Drybone (Ul'dah)
Level 10 - Ash Pillars (Ul'dah)
Level 20 - Fighting the Wood Blight (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 20 - Going Against the Grain (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 20 - Logging Tranquil Paths (Gridania)
Level 20 - Waterlogged (Gridania)
Level 20 - Logging the Horizon (Ul'dah)
Level 20 - Oak Pillars (Ul'dah)
Level 30 - Reforesting Cedarwood (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 30 - Outfitting the Fleet (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 30 - Logging Humblehearth (Gridania)
Level 30 - Mahogany Waterwheels (Gridania)
Level 30 - Battling the Blight (Ul'dah)
Level 30 - Support Our Mines (Ul'dah)
Level 40 - Logging Iron Lake (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 40 - Sprucing Up Ships (Limsa Lominsa)
Level 40 - Smiting the Blight (Gridania)
Level 40 - Cieldalaes Amenities (Gridania)
Level 40 - Reading the Rings (Ul'dah)
Level 40 - Seeing to the Overseers (Ul'dah)



This section lists the various abilities you can learn as a botanist.

Level 2.0+ Abilities 1.20-1.23c Abilities 1.0-1.19 Abilities
Level 1 Triangulate Arbor Call
Stone Throw
Arbor Call
Fingerprints of the Gods
Green Mind
Master of Timber
Brunt Force
Ageless Words
Byregot's Ward
Level 2 Wrist Flick
Level 3 Arbor Call Triangulate Triangulate
Truth of Forests
Nophica's Ward
Level 4 Field Mastery
Level 5 Field Mastery II Stroke of Luck
Level 6 Arbor Call II
Level 8 Stealth Arbor Call II
Arbor Call II
Level 10 Field Mastery III Triangulate II
Wrist Flick
Field Mastery
Triangulate II
Field Mastery
Level 12 Preparation
Level 15 Leaf Turn Stroke of Luck Sweat of Brow
Level 18 Arbor Call III
Stealth II
Arbor Call III
Stealth II
Level 20 Nophica's Ward
Menphina's Ward
Llymlaen's Ward
Triangulate III
Triangulate IV
Ageless Words
Brunt Force
Nophica's Ward
Byregot's Ward
Triangulate III
Seedkin Eluder
Level 23 Flora Mastery
Level 24 Bountiful Harvest
Level 25 Ageless Words
Brunt Force
Sweat of Brow
Level 28 Arbor Call IV
Stealth III
Arbor Call IV
Stealth III
Level 30 Blessed Harvest Triangulate V
Green Mind
Truth of Forests
Triangulate IV
Level 35 Leaf Turn II
Level 36 Master of Timber
Level 38 Arbor Call V
Stealth IV
Arbor Call V
Stealth IV
Level 40 Blessed Harvest II Triangulate V
Level 46 Truth of Forests
Level 48 Arbor Call VI
Level 50 Toil of the Pioneer
Collector's Glove
Methodical Appraisal
Triangulate VI
Level 51 Instinctual Appraisal
Utmost Caution
Level 52 Deep Breath
Level 53 Impulsive Appraisal
Level 55 Luck of the Pioneer
Level 57 Single Mind
Level 58 Prune
Level 59 Last Ditch
Level 60 Prune II


In this section you can find the various traits a Botanist can learn. Note that Disciples of the Land only gained traits with version 2.0, none existed prior to that.

Level 2.0+ Traits
Level 2 Auto Triangulate
Level 11 Tree Whisperer
Level 16 Tree Whisperer II
Level 18 Enhanced Stealth
Level 21 Tree Whisperer III
Level 26 Tree Whisperer IV
Level 28 Enhanced Stealth II
Level 38 Enhanced Stealth III
Level 41 Ward of the Twelve
Level 42 Nymeia's Ward
Level 50 Ward of the Twelve II
Enhanced Stealth IV
Level 53 Tree Whisperer V
Enhanced Stealth V
Level 56 Enhanced Stealth VI

Cross-class Abilities

The following is a list of the cross-class abilities Botanist can use.

Disciples of the Land
Lay of the Land
Lay of the Land II
Byregot's Ward
Nald'thal's Ward
Thaliak's Ward

Gathering Nodes

Gathering items as a Botanist happens at appropriate gathering nodes. Each node has several different items it is possible to gather from it. As you gain levels for Botanist, your Gathering Log is filled with general details of the items it is possible to gather in each level range, and as you manage to gather a certain type of item more details are recorded. As such, the Log can be used to quickly track down where to gather a certain type of items when the need arises.
In version 1.x there was no Log available, you simply had to remember where to go to gather the items you needed.

See details of the botanist gathering nodes here.

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