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Unlocking Blue Mage requires having a level 50 job and completing the quest The Ultimate Weapon. It is an advanced limited job, and as such cannot join Duty Roulette, PVP, or play through the main scenario quests.

Unlike other jobs, Blue Mage does not learn abilities via leveling up or through quests. Instead, you or your party must defeat enemies after they have used certain abilities. If you are alive at the death of the mob, you have a chance of learning these abilities. The chance of learning the ability depends on the difficulty rank of the ability itself.

To choose which abilities to use in battle, you must open the Blue Magic Spellbook, and choose from those you have learnt, much like setting role actions. You can have a maximum of 24 abilities chosen, and can save up to five different skillsets. Note that switching between skillsets will not change your hotbars.

Upon completion of the first quest you will be rewarded with a True Blue (lv1) equipment set (see below in Armor).


These are Blue Mage's job quests. They can be undertaken after you reach certain levels on your Blue Mage and learning certain abilities. The first listed quest unlocks the job itself.

Level Ability Requirement Quest
- Out of the Blue
1 - Blue Leading the Blue
10 Blood Drain Blue Collar Work
20 Mind Blast Why They Call It the Blues
30 Faze Scream Blue Murder
40 1,000 Needles Blue Gold
50 Glower The Real Folk Blues
50 * Turning Over a Blue Leaf

*The second lv50 quest does not require an ability, but does require the completion of Masked Carnivale level 25. The Carnivale is unlocked at the completion of the first lv50 quest.


Note that as a limited job, Blue Mage cannot use PVP abilities or limit breaks.

Job Abilities

This section lists the abilities you can only learn and use as a Blue Mage. As there are no level requirements for learning Blue Mage abilities (aside from the level requirement to enter duties), they are listed in numerical order as displayed in the Blue Magic Spellbook.
The location listed is the one displayed in the game. To see any additional locations where these abilities may be found, see the ability's own page.

# Difficulty Ability Mob Location
1 Water Cannon (kraken) (quest)
2 ★★★★ Flame Thrower Gobmachine G-VI Brayflox's Longstop (Hard)
3 ★★★★ Aqua Breath Ultros The Dragon's Neck
4 ★★★ Flying Frenzy Zu Pharos Sirius
5 ★★ Drill Cannons Abandoned Vanguard Northern Thanalan
6 ★★★★ High Voltage ADS Binding Coils of Bahamut (Turn 1)
7 Loom Flame Sergeant Dalvag Northern Thanalan
8 ★★ Final Sting Killer Wespe Middle La Noscea
9 ★★ Song of Torment Siren Pharos Sirius
10 ★★★★ Glower Coincounter Aurum Vale
11 ★★ Plaincracker Gogmagolem Copperbell Mines (Hard)
12 ★★ Bristle Wild Boar East Shroud
13 ★★★ White Wind (Whalaqee Totem) (after learning 10 spells)
14 ★★ Level 5 Petrify Manor Sentry Haukke Manor
15 ★★★★ Sharpened Knife Tonberry King Wanderer's Palace
16 Ice Spikes Trickster Imp Central Shroud
17 Blood Drain Sun Bat Central Thanalan
18 Acorn Bomb Treant Sapling North Shroud
19 ★★ Bomb Toss Goblin Fisher Middle La Noscea
20 ★★ Off-Guard (Whalaqee Totem) (after learning 5 spells)
21 Self-Destruct Glide Bomb Western Thanalan
22 ★★ Transfusion (Whalaqee Totem) (after learning 20 spells)
23 ★★★ Faze Qiqirn Shellsweeper Central Thanalan
24 Flying Sardine Apkallu Eastern La Noscea
25 ★★★★ Snort Typhon Dragon's Neck
26 ★★★★ 4-Tonze Weight Ultros Dragon's Neck
27 ★★ The Look Anantaboga Amdapor Keep
28 ★★★ Bad Breath Stroper Central Shroud
29 ★★★★ Diamondback Cuca Fera Stone Vigil (Hard)
30 ★★★★ Mighty Guard (Whalaqee Totem) (after learning 10 spells)
31 ★★★★ Sticky Tongue Toxic Toad Central Thanalan
32 ★★★ Toad Oil Giggling Gigantoad Western Thanalan
33 ★★ The Ram's Voice Chimera Cutter's Cry
34 ★★ The Dragon's Voice Chimera Cutter's Cry
35 ★★★★ Missile Enkidu Big Bridge
36 ★★★★ 1,000 Needles Sabotender Bailaor Southern Thanalan
37 ★★★ Ink Jet Kraken Sastasha (Hard)
38 ★★★ Fire Angon Frumious Koheel Ja Wanderer's Palace (Hard)
39 Moon Flute - (clear 10 stages of Masked Carnivale)
40 ★★★★ Tail Screw Karlabos Sastasha (Hard)
41 Mind Blast Galvanth the Dominator Tam-Tara Deepcroft
42 ★★★★ Doom - (clear 20 stages of Masked Carnivale)
43 ★★ Peculiar Light Lentic Mudpuppy Mor Dhona
44 ★★★★★ Feather Rain Garuda Howling Eye (Extreme)
45 ★★★★★ Eruption Ifrit Bowl of Embers (Extreme)
46 ★★★★★ Mountain Buster Titan The Navel (Extreme)
47 ★★★★★ Shock Strike Ramuh Striking Tree (Extreme)
48 ★★★★★ Glass Dance Shiva Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Extreme)
49 ★★★★★ Veil of the Whorl Leviathan The Whorleater (Extreme)

Role Abilities

Following is a list of the role abilities that can be assigned to Blue Mage.

Level 8 - Addle
Level 12 - Break
Level 16 - Drain
Level 20 - Diversion
Level 24 - Lucid Dreaming
Level 32 - Swiftcast
Level 36 - Mana Shift
Level 40 - Apocatastasis
Level 44 - Surecast
Level 48 - Erase


The sections below deal in various equipment that can only be worn by Blue Mage.


The Blue Mage job wields exclusively canes as a weapon.

Level 1 Weapons

Relic Weapon (lv50)
The Spirit of the Whalaqee


True Blue Set (lv1)
True Blue Hat
True Blue Coat
True Blue Gloves
True Blue Trousers
True Blue Boots

Magus Set (AF) (lv50)
Magus's Mask
Magus's Jacket
Magus's Gloves
Magus's Trousers
Magus's Shoes

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