The Beastmaster (either 魔獣使い [majuuzukai] ('fiend user') or 獣使い [kemonozukai] ('beast user') in Japanese) is somewhat of a specialty in Final Fantasies. It didn't make its first appearance until Final Fantasy V, and hasn't appeared in many games since. It can be connected with the Orator job due to their similarities. However, Orators concern themselves more with humans than Beastmasters, who specialize in beasts. They also bear some resemblance to the Berserker job looks-wise.

An example of a Beastmaster is Brutus from FF11. Another could be said to be Relm Arrowny from Final Fantasy VI. While her skills do not exactly match, there are many similarities.

Final Fantasy V

"Trainers whose open hearts and strong wills allow them to capture and control enemy monsters"

Beastmaster is at its best a complimentary class to Blue Mage, as some learnable abilities the monsters will only use by themselves unless told otherwise. It will also allow you to capture monsters for later use should you so desire.

Unlock: Fire Crystal
Command Ability: Catch / Free
Innate Abilities: -
AP to Master: 460
Bonuses on Mastering (for FRE/MIM): STR, STA, AGI



Stat Modifiers
Strength: +13
Agility: +1
Stamina: +8
Magic: -3


Level 1: Calm (10 AP)
Level 2: Control (50 AP)
Level 3: Equip Whips (100 AP)
Level 4: Catch (300 AP)


Weapons: Whip, Dagger
Shield: -
Head: Light Helmets
Body: Light Armor
Special Accessories: Gauntlets, Kornago Gourd

Final Fantasy XI

Beastmaster is one of the original advanced jobs in FF11. It's unlocked by completing the quest Save My Son.

To see details of the job, see here.

Tactics Advance

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Grimoire of the Rift

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4 Heroes of Light

The job in 4 Heroes of Light is very standard. They can capture and order monsters and animal-form party members in battle. A Beastmaster's static ability is raising the stats of party members who are in animal form.
The Beastmaster Crown is unlocked by gaining over 250 points in the calculation minigame in Indibia. To do this you must aim to get as high points per calculation as you can - that means no passing calculations that can be completed, and using high numbers when possible. One strategy is to keep exiting and entering the game from the first calculation until you get four 9s to calculate with. 9x9+9/9 will gain you many points, and with any luck any normal two calculations after that will get you the points required.


Different abilities learnt by evolving the Crown. The list below has all the abilities as well as the jewels required to evolve the Crown to that stage.

Lv 0 - Release, Capture
Lv 1 - Take It Easy (5 Topaz, 5 Sapphires)
Lv 2 - Order (2 Rubies, 6 Emeralds, 6 Topaz, 1 Amethyst)
Lv 3 - Now I'm Serious (7 Topaz, 3 Lapis Lazuli, 7 Aquamarines, 2 Amethysts, 1 Diamond)



Role: Damager
Unlock: create 20 or more companion monsters
Condition to Master: clear 10 quests with Beastmaster
Master: clear Beastmaster's Master Trial


Note that as jobs don't level up in Explorers, your only two ways to get more are to equip better equipment, and to master your job. Beastmaster's basic stats are listed in the below table.

HP AP Load
Default 3,450 1,915 160
Master 4,10 2,315 160
58 59 37 37 43 42 28 60 30 104 53


Unique Ability: Tame
Default Abilities (default): Train, Equip Axes, Equip Clubs
Default Abilities (Master): Equip Scythes, Equip Knuckles, Dual Wield
Proficiency: Axe Skill


Weapons (default): Axes, Clubs
Weapons (Master): Scythes, Knuckles


Beastmasters have appeared a few times in the FF-TCG series under the Earth element. Note the differing Japanese names for the job.

tcg_7076.jpg tcg_8047.jpg tcg_10066.jpg
7-076C Beastmaster 8-047C Beastmaster 10-066C Beastmaster

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