Bard (FF14)


Bard can be unlocked at level 30 Archer and level 15 Pugilist, after completing the main scenarion quest Sylph-management.1

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These are Bard's job quests. They can be undertaken when you reach certain levels on your Archer/Bard, and the first of them unlocks the job itself.

Level 2.0+ Quest 1.x Quest
Level 30 A Song of Bards and Bowmen A Song of Bards and Bowmen
Level 35 The Archer's Anthem The Archer's Anthem
Level 40 Bard's-eye View Bard's-Eye View
Level 45 Doing it the Bard Way
Pieces of the Past
Doing it the Bard Way
Pieces of the Past
Level 50 Requiem for the Fallen
On the Road Again
Requiem for the Fallen
Level 52 The Stiff and the Spent
Level 54 Requiem on Ice
Level 56 When Gnaths Cry
Level 58 A Saint of Song
Level 60 The Ballad of Oblivion


Job Abilities

This section lists the abilities and weaponskills you can only learn and use as a Bard. Note that learning these isn't automatic, each comes from a different quest that is unlocked at the level mentioned.

Level 2.0+ Ability 1.x Ability
Level 30 Mage's Ballad Ballad of Magi
Level 35 Foe Requiem Minuet of Rigor
Level 40 Army's Paeon Paeon of War
Level 45 Rain of Death Rain of Death
Level 50 Battle Voice Battle Voice
Level 52 Wanderer's Minuet
Level 54 Empyreal Arrow
Level 56 Iron Jaws
Level 58 The Warden's Paean
Level 60 Sidewinder

Bard can also use the following Limit Break abilities.

Type Ability
Limit Break Lv 1 Big Shot
Limit Break Lv 2 Desperado
Limit Break Lv 3 Sagittarius Arrow
Adrenaline Rush Terminal Velocity

Secondary Abilities

Below you can find what abilities Bard inherits from its base class Archer. Note that only version 2.0+ abilities are listed, please see Archer's page for 2.0+ traits and 1.x abilities.

Archer Learnables
Level 1 - Heavy Shot
Level 2 - Straight Shot
Level 4 - Raging Strikes
Level 6 - Venomous Bite
Level 8 - Misery's End
Level 10 - Shadowbind
Level 12 - Bloodletter
Level 15 - Repelling Shot
Level 18 - Quick Nock
Level 22 - Swiftsong
Level 26 - Hawk's Eye
Level 30 - Windbite
Level 34 - Quelling Strikes
Level 38 - Barrage
Level 42 - Blunt Arrow
Level 46 - Flaming Arrow
Level 50 - Wide Volley

PVP Abilities
Blast Shot
Mana Draw

Cross-class Abilities

The following is a list of the cross-class abilities Bard can use.

Pugilist Lancer
Second Wind
Internal Release
Keen Flurry
Blood for Blood


The sections below deal in various equipment that can only be worn by Bards.


Relic Weapon/Zodiac Weapon (lv50/i80-135)
Artemis Bow
Artemis Bow Zenith
Artemis Bow Atma
Artemis Bow Animus
Artemis Bow Novus
Artemis Bow Nexus
Yoichi Bow
Yoichi Bow Zeta


Artifact Armor (AF) (lv45-50)
Choral Chapeau
Choral Shirt
Choral Ringbands
Choral Sandals
Choral Tights

Relic Armor (lv50/i90)
Bard's Chapeau
Bard's Shirt
Bard's Ringbands
Bard's Tights
Bard's Sandals

Artifact Armor 2 (AF2) (Lv60/i210)
Aoidos' Turban
Aoidos' Cloak
Aoidos' Shoulder Gloves
Aoidos' Tights
Aoidos' Thighboots

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