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Astrologian (占星術師 [senseijutsushi] or 'astrologist' in Japanese) is a job that uses the power of heavens and divination. It is so far present in only two games, in FF14 as Astrologian and in FFT as Astrologer (占星術士 [senseijutsushi]), present only on one guest character called Orran Durai.
A similarly themed job is Oracle, that in itself present in only one game.

Final Fantasy XIV

Coming soon

Final Fantasy Tactics

A learned augur who uses Astrology to manipulate fate and sway the course of battle.

This job replaces the Squire job for Orran Durai.

Unlock: (default)
Unlocks: -
Command Ability: Astrology
Innate Abilities: immune to all negative status effects except Stone, Blind, Silence, Oil, Slow and Stop
JP to Master: 1,670


Stat Modifications
HP C-, MP B-
Phys Atk C, Mag Atk C+
Phys EVA 15%, Mag EVA 0%
Move 3, Jump 4


Celestial Stasis (default)
Focus (300 JP)
Rush (80 JP)
Stone (90 JP)
Salve (150 JP)

Reaction Abilities
Counter Tackle (180 JP)

Support Abilities
Equip Axes (170 JP)
Beastmaster (200 JP)
Defend (50 JP)
Boost (250 JP)

Movement Abilities
Move +1 (200 JP)


Weapons: Books
Shield: -
Head: Hats
Body: Clothes

Category: Jobs

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