Xergis Tin

ザージス錫 [xergis suzu] or 'xergis tin' in Japanese.

Grimoire of the Rift


Buy: - (sell: 80 gil)
Use: Ashura, Burglar Sword, Buster Sword, Iron Hammer, Javelin, Kunai, Murasame, Ogun Blade, Poison Knuckles, Rondel, Scramasax, Venus Blade, Xankbras
Reward: Kids These Days x4 (once), The Moon Seal x2 (once), Kyrra, Dragoon x3 (once), Green Dominion x4 (once)
Type: Metal, Rank:
Description: This metal sounds a clear tone when struck. Popular for use in musical instruments.

Final Fantasy Tactics S


Buy: - (sell: ? gil)
Use: Dagger, Sword
Obtain: Cend Region/Matu Caverns
Description: ?

Category: Item

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