Wind Crystal

風のクリスタル [kaze no crystal] or 'wind crystal' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI


Use: various (synthesis: Carve)
Buy: - (sell: 13-15 gil)
Drop: various EP+ monsters while Signet/Sigil/Sanction is in effect
Garden: various
Obtain: join the Carpenters' Guild
Obtain: use an Wind Cluster
Obtain: Chocobo Hot & Cold
Type: Crystal, Stack: 12
Description: A crystal infused with wind energy.

Final Fantasy XII

Buy: - (sell: 160 gil)
Use: Ivory Pole, Spica & Windslicer Shot
Drop: Charybterix, Focalor, High Reaver, Mirrorknight, Onion Queen, Reaver, Sylphi Entite, Wind Chaosjet, Wind Elemental
Steal: Greeden, Mirrorknight, Onion Queen, Sylphi Entite, Wind Chaosjet, Wind Elemental
Description: A crystallization of potent wind magicks, said to contain the divine power of protection. The source of a sylphi entite's energy.

Final Fantasy XIV


Use: (too many to list)
Buy: 300 gil (sell: 38 gil)
Shop: Frances, Gallia (Gridania), Noline, Notrelchamps, Qhas Chalahko (Limsa Lominsa), Hnaufrid, Kylene, Lafla Morfla (Ul'dah)
Craft: ALC 11 - Lightning Shard x5, Dart Frog OR White Scorpion
ALC 21 x2 - Lightning Shard x10, Allagan Snail OR Black Ghost OR Rothlyt Oyster
ALC 31 x3 - Lightning Crystal, Black Eel
ALC 41 x6 - Lightning Crystal x2, Crimson Crayfish
Type: Crystal, Stack: 999
Description: A crystalline manifestation of aetheric wind energy.

Crystal Chronicles

Buy: - (sell: 7,500 gil)
Use: ?
Obtain: after Selepation Cave cycle 3 boss with over 198 points

Category: Item

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