Wild Onion
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Final Fantasy XIV


Use: Beef Stew, Boiled Bream, Cawl Cennin, Chicken Stock, Fish Soup, Landtrap Salad, Lava Toad Legs, Marmot Steak, Mole Loaf, Mutton Stew, Pea Soup, Rabbit Pie, Roast Dodo, Shepherd's Pie, Tomato Pie, Tomato Sauce
Buy: 81 gil (sell: 11 gil)
Shop: Roderic (Gridania), Jossy (Limsa Lominsa)
Drop: various marmots and others
Gather: logging (hotspot -1, chop angle 1) Blackbrush, harvesting Black Brush
Type: Vegetable, Stack: 99
Description: A pungent bulb vegetable native to the Near East.

Category: Item

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