Wild Artefact
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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Use: open the 10 blue Time Gates (gate location/opened location): Bresha Ruins (5 AF)/Bresha Ruins (300 AF), Yaschas Massif (1X AF)/Augusta Tower (200 AF), Bresha Ruins (300 AF)/Yaschas Massif (110 AF), Academia (400 AF)/Yaschas Massif (100 AF), Archylte Steppe/Vile Peaks (200 AF), Academia (4XX AF)/Vile Peaks (10 AF), A Dying World (700 AF)/Bresha Ruins (100 AF), Yaschas Massif (100 AF)/Sunleth Waterscape (400 AF), Augusta Tower (200 AF)/Oerba (300 AF), Oerba (300 AF)/Oerba (400 AF)
Obtain: A total of 10 to be found: Academia (4XX AF) in an alley area south of the Chocolina at the east side of town (use Moogle Hunt), Archylte Steppe down a ledge at western edge of Clearwater Marches (with Moogle Throw), Augusta Tower (200 AF) at northern parts of the middle ring of floor 50, Bresha Ruins (5 AF) Moogle Hunt tutorial, Bresha Ruins (300 AF) complete the quest of the phased-out man at the cemetery, A Dying World (700 AF) at the place of Noel's nightmare when you return (after Live Trigger event), Oerba (200 AF) on a ledge to the right of the building at the western edge close to a tree (use Moogle Throw), Sunleth Waterscape (300 AF) around halfway point of the ride on the back of the beast (use Moogle Throw), Yaschas Massif (100 AF) complete the quests the red orbs give and then resolve the anomaly, Serendipity buy for 10,000 coins (7,500 coins if you have Bargain Hunter)

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