Wicked Bird Feather

凶鳥の羽 [kyouchou no hane] or 'feather of a wicked bird' in Japanese.

Brave Exvius


Buy: - (sell: ? gil)
Drops In: Earth Temple, Darnakia Cave, Darnakia Plains, Demon Woods, Lanzelut Mountains (Upper), Snow Wolf's Fang, Gorzas Summit, Gorzas Cliffs, Miasma Boulder Cave
Use: Bandanna, Feathered Hat, Green Beret, Longbow, Mage's Hat, Priest's Miter, Shortbow, Antidote, Tent, Bio, Bio Blade, Bio Blaster, Biora
Type: Material, Number: 021
Description: A large feather dropped by birds
Profile: A large, sturdy feather dropped by bird-type monsters such as zu and rudra. It's used as a material for various items. They're most commonly used as fletching for arrows, but since they're so beautiful they're also used to make writing materials and ornaments. Furthermore, since they have anti-venom properties, they can also be used to make antidotes when used together with water crystals.

Category: Item

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