White Steel

白鋼 [shirohagane] or 'white steel' in Japanese. Might be meant as a counterpart to the Iron item, which literally translated means 'black iron'.



Buy: - (sell: 1,000 gil)
Treasure: 5-5 Guard Spider Battle, 6-3 Swarm of Monsters (3), 6-4 The Monster-exterminating Mecha, 6-5 General Tank Battle, 7-1 Hound Tamer, 7-2 ff7gb - Mechanical Assault, 7-3 The Exploding Carnival, 7-4 Motorcycle Gang, 7-5 Shinra Advanced Soldier Battle
Use: Coming soon
Type: All-purpose Material, Rarity: ★★★, Stack: ?

Category: Item

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