Unio Mystica
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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Use: -
Obtain: complete the Commander's quest at Bresha Ruins (5 AF)
Description: Back in Bodhum, on Cocoon, there was this weird relic called a Vestige which had been lifted off Pulse back when Cocoon and Pulse were fighting. Turns out that it was an old Pulse temple, and there was a fal'Cie inside that turned Serah into a l'Cie. It seems crazy to think now that no one thought to check inside before they set it up next to our hometown. When Serah got turned into a l'Cie inside the Vestige, the Cocoon fal'Cie used the incident for their own purposes. Serah's not a l'Cie anymore, and the brand is gone from her arm, but she's still able to use magic. I wonder if the power just stayed inside her after she was cured. Or is it new, from somewhere else?

Category: Item

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