Tremulous Muffin
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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Use: -
Obtain: solve the anomaly at Oerba (400 AF)
Description: Poor Mog had never met anyone of his own kind. One day, a group of quivering flan were whisked into the Void Beyond. 'Look at him, he's all round and white! He can join us! Then we'll be six!' 'Welcome to the miniflan musketeers-all for one, and one for all!' And so, just like that, Mog was a flan. One of the flan said, 'We flew here from the forest of Sunleth! Come fly back with us! 'But you didn't fly here, you were just carried into the Void Beyond,' objected Mog. Befuddled, the flan looked at each other…and then suddenly, all five of them were sucked into another gate!

Category: Item

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