Travel Guide - Sunleth Waterscape
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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Use: -
Obtain: bring Miss Horizon at Academia (400 AF) a 100% completed map of Sunleth Waterscape
Description: The Sunleth Waterscape is a nature preserve located inside Cocoon. After the catastrophe, the various fal'Cie that controlled the weather became dormant and the light of the fal'Cie Phoenix, which once served as Cocoon's sun, dimmed considerably. For these reasons, the native biosystem has broken down and the site is now a haven for monsters. From the Editor's Desk: Jars of concentrated miniflan mucus are sold exclusively at the local Academy branch office. Known as Firaga for the Tongue, the spice is wildly popular with chefs who need to give their dishes an extra dash of hellish heat.

Category: Item

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