Transcript - Vanille's Truth
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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Use: -
Obtain: defeat Caius Ballad at Oerba (200 AF) with the Paradox Scope active
Description: Long ago, in ancient times, Cocoon and Pulse fought a terrible war. Two women called Fang and Vanille released a monster and began to march on Cocoon. At that moment, the goddess unleashed a powerful spell and turned them both into crystal statues. Their slumbering forms were placed in a temple in Oerba, which, in time, was lifted up into Cocoon itself. There they slept until, hundreds of years later, a young girl wandered into the temple and was made a l'Cie. That girl's name was Serah. This was the moment that marked the beginning of the thirteen days of the Purge.

Category: Item

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