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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Use: -
Obtain: defeat Demi Fal'Cie Adam at Augusta Tower (200 AF) with the Paradox Scope active
Description: 'Let's go!' barks the officer. At his command, several soldiers pound into the elevator. This is Augusta Tower, central information processing facility. The men are members of the resistance. It is 400 AF. After the Cie'th Incident, the Proto fal'Cie Adam now rules Academia. Adam is manufacturing an army of military fal'Cie which it will use to control the human population. But humanity is fighting back. The soldiers have infiltrated the tower in an attempt to steal the machines' crystal supple and put a halt to the fal'Cie production. At the same time, something is changing inside the captive Noel and Serah…

Category: Item

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