Transcript - Mog's Marvelous Flan Plan
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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Use: -
Obtain: defeat Royal Ripeness at Sunleth Waterscape (300 AF) without solving the paradox
Description: It all began with a chance meeting with a single flan. Mog translated from the flan tongue to humanspeak, and back again. The flan had some incredible news. 'The true Royal Ripeness has been born, kupo!' (Although, the flan didn't really say 'kupo.') 'Does that mean we failed? We didn't change history after all?' asked Noel. Mog nodded in response. Noel and Serah looked grave. How could they hope to defeat the greatest flan that ever lived? It was even more powerful than the original Royal Ripeness! The situation was bleak indeed. Unless…'I have an idea, kupo! Mog can save the day, kupo!' Noel and Serah had never seen Mog so confident. They looked at each other gloomily. They weren't looking forward to hearing Mog's idea….

Category: Item

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