Transcript - Heir to Chaos
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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Use: -
Obtain: defeat Caius in A Dying World (700 AF) with the Paradox Scope active
Description: Across Noel's mind flitted one of Caius's memories. A memory from a thousand years ago: Caius fighting a warrior and losing, pushed to the brink of defeat. But the gods refused to bless either of them, and the warrior was called to Valhalla before the duel reached its climax. Caius might have been saved from his curse of eternity. Instead, he had to wait. Wait for the birth of Noel. Noel's eyes snapped open. 'You make your own myths, Caius. But I'm going to save everyone my way. Yeul, and Serah, and yes, you, too.' So saying Noel's mouth curled into the old, familiar smile.

Category: Item

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