Tough Bug Shell

硬虫の甲殻 [koumushi no koura] or 'tough bug's shell' in Japanese.

Brave Exvius


Buy: - (sell: ? gil)
Drops In: Demon Woods, Zadelle Desert (West, South), Lanzelut Mountains (Upper), Snow Wolf's Fang
Use: Power Vest, Survival Vest, Bug Killer
Type: Material, Number: 040
Description: A shell as hard as metal
Profile: Tough bugs mainly eat metals in the ground, and the more they eat the tougher their shell becomes. Big unscratched shells are used as decorations on walls, but also as a replacement material for metals. If you just glance at it it looks like a regular bug with a glistening shell, but carelessly touching one with bare hands can result in bone fractures.

Category: Item

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