Sylkis Greens

シルキスの野菜 [sylkis no yasai] or 'sylkis vegetable' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy VII


Buy: 5,000 gil (sell: ? gil)
Shop: Chocobo Sage
Effect: heals 100 HP keeps a chocobo occupied for 1 turn in battle
Effect: feed to gain Dash/Run/Stamina +([{dash,run,stamina}/10]+[0~10]) or ([{dash,run,stamina}/10]-[0~10]), Int +1-4, Co-op +4
Other: for example if your Run value is 8, random value 1 and you get the first calculation, your Run will gain ([8/10]+[1])=1. The value cannot become less than 0.
Description: ?

Final Fantasy Type-0

Buy: - (sell: 300 gil)
Treasure: Innsmouth Coast, Valley of Monsters
Effect: difference 62.5%, better or much better breed on all bloodlines, 3-6 chicks in a brood
Description: It is very much easier for good chocobo to be born

Category: Item

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