Steel Ingot
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Final Fantasy XIV


Use: Ash Cavalry Bow, Boarskin Crakows, Boarskin Harness, Boarskin Ringbands, Boarskin Smithy's Gloves, Boarskin Subligar, Bull Hoplon, Cage Feeder, Conical Alembic, Crosscut Saw, Demilune Bhuj, Heavy Crowsbeak Hammer, Heavy Steel Lance, Horn Scale Mail, Leather Ringbands, Linen Doublet, Mythril Alembic, Mythril Bhuj, Peiste Cesti, Siltstone Grinding Wheel, Spiked Mythril Labrys, Spiked Steel Labrys, Steel Arrow, Steel Awl, Steel Barbut, Steel Bardiche, Steel Baselard, Steel Bhuj, Steel Chaser Hammer, Steel Claw Hammer, Steel Claws, Steel Cross-pein Hammer, Steel Culinary Knife, Steel Dolabra, Steel Doming Hammer, Steel Falchion, Steel File, Steel Gig, Steel Halberd, Steel Hatchet, Steel Longsword, Steel Mortar, Steel Plate, Steel Pliers, Steel Rings, Steel Rivets, Steel Round Knife, Steel Sallet, Steel Scythe, Steel Sledgehammer, Steel Spear, Thunderstorm Axe, Toadskin Armguards, Toadskin Cesti, Toadskin Hunting Belt, Topwater Frog, Velveteen Sugarloaf Hat, Viper-crested Round Shield, Walnut Fishing Rod, White Skillet, Woolen Kecks, Wrapped Iron Raising Hammer
Buy: 10,500 gil (sell: 310 gil)
Shop: Ahldiyrn (Gridania), Smydhaemr (Limsa Lominsa), Doesdornn (Ul'dah)
Drop: Wight Warrior
Craft: ARM/BSM 23 - Fire Shard x3, Bomb Ash, Iron Ore x2
ARM/BSM 23 x3 - Fire Shard x9, Bomb Ash x3, Iron Ore x5
Type: Unrefined Metal, Stack: 99
Description: An ingot of smelted steel.

Category: Item

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