Spirit's Tear

精霊の涙 [seirei no namida] or 'tear of a spirit' in Japanese.

Brave Exvius


Buy: - (sell: ? gil)
Drops In: Demon Woods, Lanzelut Snowfields, Lanzelut Snowcap, Lanzelut Ruins, Corobos Wetlands, Decayed Temple
Use: Hypno Crown, Remedy, Stonera Blade
Type: Material, Number: 039
Description: A tear that is said to have been cried by a spirit
Profile: A drop rarely dropped by spirits. Place it in the light and it will glow with the colors of the rainbow. There's many spirits with mysterious crystallized parts, but none are confirmed to attach to the face. In the first place, it isn't even known if they have any water within their bodies. However, because the image of a crying spirit is so beautiful, a name like this came to be in use.

Category: Item

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