Spiral Incisor

大牙 [ookiba] or 'big fang' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XII

Buy: - (sell: 998 gil)
Use: Hunting Crossbow & Black Bolts, Perseus Bow & Icecloud Arrows
Drop: Abysteel, Bellwyvern, Phylo, Vampyr
Steal: Abysteel, Bellwyvern, Bloodwing, Vampyr, Vyraal
Poach: Bellwyvern
Description: A large, spiral fang, possessing considerable penetrating force - enough to pierce rock and even the hardest ore.

Grimoire of the Rift


Buy: - (sell: 800 gil)
Use: Blood Sword, Cinquedea, Fransisca, Jambiya, Nail Bow, Aegis Shield
Reward: Bonga Bugle Plumfrost (repeatable), Mountain Watch x3 (once), Stuck in the Muck x3 (once)
Type: Bone, Rank: ★★
Description: This giant fang is shaped a little like a corkscrew. Strong enough to pierce metal.

Final Fantasy Tactics S


Buy: - (sell: 200 gil)
Use: ?
Obtain: Cend Region/Daravino Wildlands lv30+, Fordo Region/Hot Rock Sands lv30+, Northern Great Desert of Niel/Moving Dunes lv30+
Description: An uncommon bone

Category: Item

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