Silver Ore

銀鉱 [ginkou] or 'silver ore' in Japanese.



Buy: - (sell: 1,000 gil)
Treasure: 3-2 Where do Bombs Come from?, 3-4 Dramatic Rescue from Flames, 4-1 Break the Wall of Steel, 4-3 Persistent Pursuit (1), 4-4 Persistent Pursuit (2), 5-1 Surrounded by Mechas (1), 5-2 Surrounded by Mechas (2), 5-3 Surrounded by Mechas (3), 5-4 The Awaiting Patrol Mechas, 5-5 Guard Spider Battle, 6-2 Swarm of Monsters (2), 6-4 The Monster-exterminating Mecha, 7-1 Hound Tamer, 7-2 ff7gb - Mechanical Assault, 7-3 The Exploding Carnival, 7-4 Motorcycle Gang, 7-5 Shinra Advanced Soldier Battle
Use: Coming soon
Type: All-purpose Material, Rarity: ★★★, Stack: ?
Other: 銀 [gin] or 'silver' in Japanese

Final Fantasy XIV


Use: Silver Ingot
Buy: 1,500 gil (sell: 63 gil)
Shop: Pamisolaux (Ul'dah)
Drop: various spriggans
Gather: mining (sweetspot +2, strike zone 2) Dragonhead, Fields of Glory, Humblehearth, Nanawa Mines, Tranquil Paths, Treespeak
Type: Ore, Stack: 99
Description: A decent-sized piece of rock containing the semi-precious metal silver.

Brave Exvius


Buy: - (sell: ? gil)
Gather: Demon Woods, Zadelle Desert (West), Lanzelut Mountains (Upper), Snow Wolf's Fang, Lanzelut Ruins, Corobos Wetlands, Gorzas Ravine, Corobos Reef, Decayed Temple
Use: Blitz Whip, Cat's Claws, Engetsurin, Great Axe, Great Bow, Hero's Ring, Hypno Crown, Kazekiri, Kikuichimonji, Light Shield, Partisan, Power Vest, Rune Staff, Silver Armlet, Silver Harp, Tintinnabulum, Warhammer, Pinwheel
Type: Material, Number: 046
Description: A chunk of ore that contains silver
Profile: An ore indispensable for making items of silver. The silver obtained from this ore emits a beautiful glow, so they are in high demand as material for armor and accessories. However, silver is very soft and easily damaged. Furthermore, being careless in obtaining it can result in it crumbling. It's a metal that's difficult to treat, but there are many people who daringly love that labor and the rare color.

Category: Item

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