Silver Ingot
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Final Fantasy XIV


Use: Barbarian's Bardiche, Boarskin Jerkin, Boarskin Satchel Belt, Boarskin Skirt, Boarskin Survival Belt, Cobalt Halberd, Danburite Bracelets, Danburite Choker, Danburite Earrings, Danburite Ring, Decorated Buckler, Decorated Iron Scutum, Decorated Silver Scepter, Dodore Doublet, Fire Brand, Fluorite Bracelets, Fluorite Choker, Fluorite Earrings, Fluorite Ring, Heavy Darksteel Armor, Heavy Darksteel Flanchard, Heavy Darksteel Gauntlets, Horn Earrings, Iron Scale Mail, Kabuto Mask, Lapis Lazuli Bracelets, Lapis Lazuli Choker, Lapis Lazuli Earrings, Lapis Lazuli Ring, Malachite Bracelets, Malachite Choker, Malachite Earrings, Malachite Ring, Raptorskin Survival Belt, Silver Alembic, Silver Battle Fork, Silver Choker, Silver Circlet, Silver Earrings, Silver Gorget, Silver Leaf, Silver Magnifiers, Silver Needle, Silver Plate, Silver Ring, Silver Rings, Silver Scepter, Silver Spectacles, Silver Tricorne, Silver Wristlets, Sphene Bracelets, Sphene Choker, Sphene Earrings, Sphene Ring, Sunstone Bracelets, Sunstone Choker, Sunstone Earrings, Sunstone Ring, Thunderstorm Axe, Vanya Gloves, Vanya Robe, Velveteen Coatee, Velveteen Doublet Vest, Velveteen Gaiters, Velveteen Half Apron, Velveteen Robe, Vintage Seneschal Coatee, Vulture Fly
Buy: 7,500 gil (sell: 260 gil)
Shop: Gagaulu (Gridania), Teteu (Limsa Lominsa), Pamisolaux (Ul'dah)
Craft: GSM 25 - Fire Shard x3, Silver Ore x3
GSM 25 x3 - Fire Shard x9, Silver Ore x8
Type: Unrefined Metal, Stack: 99
Description: An ingot of smelted silver.

Category: Item

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