Seed of Life

生命の種 [seimei no tane] or 'seed of life' in Japanese.

Brave Exvius


Buy: - (sell: ? gil)
Drops In: Earth Temple, Latius Forest, Darnakia Caves, Siren's Tower, Darnakia Plains, Granshelut Waterways, Fran Highroad, Flamewind Cave, Demon Woods, Lanzelut Estuary, Kol Wildlands, Zadelle Desert (West, South), Rekios Hills, Lanzelut Snowfields, Lanzelut Snowcap, Corobos Wetlands, Gorzas Summit, Gorzas Ravine, Gorzas Cliffs
Use: Awaken Amarant, Artemios, Bartz, Firion, Locke, Shao, Vaan, Auli, Galuf, Kenyu, King Giott, Lani, Luna, Montana, Rassel, Sabin
Type: Material, Number: 055
Description: A seed that boosts life force
Profile: The seed of trees with a strong life force. Should you plant it in the ground it will grow into a sapling in several days. It's said to awaken the latent strength of its bearer and to especially amplify the powers of warriors. Because of that it's continually gathered by those who drive away enemies standing in their way with their weapons. These seeds invigorate the body and make it possible to exhibit that much stronger power.

Category: Item

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