Scripture of Time

時空の教典 [jikuu no kyouten] or 'scriptures of spacetime' in Japanese.

Brave Exvius


Buy: - (sell: ? gil)
Drops In: Kol Wildlands, Zadelle Desert (East, West), Lanzelut Mountains (Foothills, Upper), Lanzelut Snowcap, Snow Wolf's Fang, Lanzelut Ruins, Gorzas Ravine, Gorzas Cliffs, Thunder Peak, Miasma Boulder Cave
Use: Awaken Cerius, Duane, Golbez, Medius, Rakshasa, Tellah, Bedile, Samatha
Type: Material, Number: 067
Description: Scriptures written by the gods that control space-time
Profile: Scriptures written concerning time and space. It's thought to have been written to pass down the deeds of the gods that surpass human knowledge. It tells us that the gods could freely control time and space, and had a skill to seal strong feelings like love, dreams, hate and desperation into glowing stones. It's thought to most likely be a book written for the sake of explaining the power of the Crystals with the information available at the time.

Category: Item

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