Sand Pearl
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Sand Pearl (砂漠の光 / さばくのひかり [sabaku no hikari] or 'Light of the Desert' in Japanese) is a key item in Final Fantasy IV. It is the only known cure for Desert Fever. During the game, Cecil Harvey with some help hunted down one to cure Rosa Farrell.

Sand Pearls can only be found in an Antlion's den. It is unknown if Antlions nest anywhere else than in Damcyan, but if they do it can be assumed that it isn't anywhere near Kaipo. A permission from the royal family of Damcyan is required to enter the Antlion's Den.

Sand Pearl is the latest translation of this item. It used to be translated as Sand Ruby.

Final Fantasy IV

Obtain: after the fight with Antlion in Antlion's Den
Use: to cure Rosa in Kaipo

Category: Item

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