Rossweisse Skyblossom
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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Use: -
Obtain: complete the quest of the orb in the northwest parts of Yaschas Massif (100 AF)
Description: At the height of Paddra civilization, the seeress Paddra Nsu-Yeul of the Farseers prophesized its destruction. In one of history's great ironies, the prophecy itself ignited the civil war that destroyed the nation. The seeress realized that her very words had the power to change history and the future, and so, with her Guardian Caius and a few select escorts, she left the city for the wilderness. She covered her face with a veil, cast off the crown that made her ruler of Paddra, and became simply Yeul the Seeress. Soon after that, she and her small band of followers disappeared from the pages of history.

Category: Item

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