Rhodium Ring
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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Use: -
Obtain: complete Ronan's sidequest at Bresha Ruins (100 AF)
Description: The mercs around here love their gold, yes they do. And silver, and gems, and whatever else they can turn into cash. Back in the old days, we used debit cards; almost no one carried hard currency. But when the paradox screwed up the entire system and no one could prove how much they owned, well… That was the nail in the coffin for virtual money! We'd always had a black market currency, under the authorities' radar - you know how people don't like paying taxes. Anyway, it was simple enough to switch over to that. And now even the government uses it. So metals are king again, and everyone loves their gold. Today's Kill Count: 17 monsters confirmed dead, 3 hunters injured, 1 seriously

Category: Item

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