Raw Heliodor

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Use: -
Obtain: find the blue flan at Sunleth Waterscape (400 AF)
Description: While we're here, sleeping inside the pillar that holds up Cocoon, Lightning is fighting to protect Etro. I wonder why. Etro is a cruel goddess. She sends Eidolons to persecute dying l'Cie and slaughters her 'children' as carelessly as we swat flies. I don't really know what Lightning's game is, but I can tell you this. She's in a really bad place. Once she set foot in there, she had no way to get out. It's hard for her to be heard while she's in there, too. So, Serah, you've got to help. Listen to your heart - you might hear Lightning if you do.

Final Fantasy XIV


Use: Heliodor
Buy: - (sell: 525 gil)
Gather: mining (sweetspot 0, strike zone 1) Drybone, Horizon's Edge
Type: Gemstone, Stack: 99
Description: An uncut, unpolished stone containing what appears to be an heliodor.

Category: Item

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