Ragstone Whetstone
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Final Fantasy XIV


Buy: 612 gil (sell: 39 gil)
Shop: Ahldiyrn (Gridania), Smydhaemr (Limsa Lominsa), Doesdornn (Ul'dah)
Drop: Goblin Bouncer
Craft GSM 23 x3 - Wind Shard x3, Ragstone
Use: Bat Fang Needle, Brass Head Knife, Brass Needle, Bronze Culinary Knife, Bronze Head Knife, Bronze Scythe, Copper Needle, Goblin Longsword, Goblin Scimitar, Vintage Bill
Type: Ore, Stack: 99
Description: A piece of fine-grained ragstone used to sharpen the blades of tools and weapons.

Category: Item

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