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Final Fantasy XIV


Use: Blinding Potion, Disabling Potion, Electrum Scepter, Growth Formula Alpha, Growth Formula Beta, Growth Formula Delta, Growth Formula Gamma, Maddening Potion, Paralyzing Potion, Poisoning Potion, Silencing Potion, Sleeping Potion, Smothering Potion
Buy: 844 gil (sell: 89 gil)
Shop: Mumuko (Gridania), Zuzudesu (Limsa Lominsa), Jemimi (Ul'dah)
Drop: Goblin Thug
Craft: ALC 6 x2 - Lightning Shard, Minium x2
Type: Reagent, Stack: 99
Description: Liquid metal widely utilized by alchemists in the production of firesand and by smiths in the production of alloys.

Category: Item

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