白金 [hakkin] or 'platinum' in Japanese. Note that the word for 'platinum' commonly used in equipment isn't this, but instead プラチナ [platina].



Buy: - (sell: 1,000 gil)
Treasure: 3-3 Flame Road, 3-5 Risky Bomb Battle, 4-1 Break the Wall of Steel, 4-3 Persistent Pursuit (1), 4-4 Persistent Pursuit (2), 4-5 Shinra Advanced Soldier Battle, 5-3 Surrounded by Mechas (3), 5-4 The Awaiting Patrol Mechas, 6-1 Swarm of Monsters (1), 6-2 Swarm of Monsters (2), 6-3 Swarm of Monsters (3), 6-4 The Monster-exterminating Mecha, 6-5 General Tank Battle, 7-1 Hound Tamer, 7-2 ff7gb - Mechanical Assault, 7-3 The Exploding Carnival, 7-4 Motorcycle Gang, 7-5 Shinra Advanced Soldier Battle
Use: Coming soon
Type: All-purpose Material, Rarity: ★★★, Stack: ?

Grimoire of the Rift


Buy: - (sell: 500 gil)
Use: Arch Sword, Kwigon Blade, Lohengrin, Ragnarok, Silver Sword, Staff of Blessings, Platinum Shield, Platinum Helm, Judicer's Coat, Mirror Mail, Platinum Armor, Gauntlets
Reward: Now That's a Fire! x5 (once), Vim, Vigor and Go (once), Unfamiliar Folk x3 (once), Wanted: Hatchery Worker (repeatable),Blue King of Cinquleur (once)
Type: Metal, Rank:
Description: This rare metal has a brilliant silver luster. Its beauty has made it popular for use in decorative pieces.

Final Fantasy Tactics S


Buy: - (sell: 50 gil)
Use: Spear
Obtain: Cend Region/Ruins of Dehl, Sacred Ground Luma/The Incandescent Graves, Western Orda Woodsea/Gafranza Mountain Road
Description: A somewhat uncommon lump of metal

Category: Item

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