Mythril Shard
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ミスリルの欠片 / ミスリルのかけら [mythril no kakera] or 'Mythril Shard(s)' in Japanese.

Revenant Wings

Buy: 300 gil (sell: 150 gil)
Shop: Material Shop, chapter 4 onwards
Use: Detonator, Mythril Blade, Mythril Cutter, Mythril Lance, Mythril Staff, Tempestblade
Obtain: mission 2-2 (harvest 67%), Fane of Gucuma Qul Monster Melee (harvest 67%), Kisne Rise Monster Melee (harvest 67%), Baubles and Banditry (harvest 67%), Midlight's Deep
Description: Silvery fragments teeming with magic, often used in the crafting of armor
Other: low-grade Common Metal

Category: Item

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