Mythril Ore

Either ミスリル鉱石 [mythril kouseki] or ミスリル鉱 [mythril kou] in Japanese. Both mean 'mythril ore'.

Revenant Wings

Buy: 600 gil (sell: 300 gil)
Shop: Material Shop, chapter 6 onwards after you've obtained over 100 materials
Use: Detonator, Mythril Blade, Mythril Cutter, Mythril Lance, Mythril Staff, Tempestblade
Obtain: mission 2-2 (harvest 11%), Once Bitten Twice Shy (reward 25% with Goblin Pouch), Fane of Gucuma Qul Monster Melee (harvest 11%), Kisne Rise Monster Melee (reward 25% with Goblin Pouch, harvest 11%), Baubles and Banditry (harvest 11%), Pirates in Peril! (treasure)
Description: Mythril in a highly pure form, prized by engineers.
Other: high-grade Common Metal
Other: ミスリル鉱石 in Japanese

Final Fantasy XIV


Use: Mythril Ingot
Buy: - (sell: 108 gil)
Gather: mining (sweetspot +3, strike zone 3) Dragonhead, Fields of Glory, Humblehearth, Treespeak
Type: Ore, Stack: 99
Description: A decent-sized piece of rock containing the precious metal mythril

Brave Exvius


Buy: - (sell: ? gil)
Gather: Snow Wolf's Fang, Lanzelut Ruins, Corobos Wetlands, Gorzas Ravine, Corobos Reef
Use: Coral Sword, Fire Rod, Mythril Helm, Mythril Spear, Wind Spear
Type: Material, Number: 047
Description: A chunk of precious ore that contains mythril
Profile: An ore indispensable for making weapons and armor of mythril. The metal refined from this stone is that famous mythril. Mythril is light and pliable compared to iron and silver, but also very hard. Wearing mythril equipment is a status symbol for young soldiers, but since this ore is scarce they won't readily get any.
Other: ミスリル鉱 in Japanese

Category: Item

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